Paid Ticketed Events Paid Ticketed Events

Paid Ticketed Events


Our Events feature allows you to create live, ticketed events for your followers and subscribers. These events are a way for you to engage with your followers and subscribers. You can set the date and time of your event and let your followers know what the event is for 

Popular events include 

  • Playing video games 
  • Ask me anything (ama) 
  • Bath/shower time 

These are of course just recommendations and you can use whatever activity you like for your event. 

To create an event you can either click on the + icon on your screen and select Create Event or go to Menu> Events> Create Event

When creating your event you will see a screen you will see a screen similar to your normal content screen: 

  • Caption 
  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Duration
  • Ticket Price 


You’ll also have a gear icon for scheduling when you want your event advertisement to post. 

Once all fields are filled out and your ticket price is set, click publish. 

Your fans and subscribers will get a notification that you have published an event and will be able to purchase a ticket. Their accounts will automatically be debited the cost of entry. If you cancel the event, or they cancel their ticket, they will be refunded the full cost of the ticket. 

When its time to start your Event navigate to Menu>Events. On the event page you will see a Start button. Click this to go live for your event.


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