Setting Up Lists Setting Up Lists

Setting Up Lists

Your profile will automatically create lists of your followers and subscribers, as well as followers who have recently unsubscribed from your content. These lists are designed to help you target certain audiences.

To find the lists you can navigate to Menu> Lists. The lists for followers, subscribers and unsubscribed users are automatically generated and can not be altered, but you are able to create your own lists for your needs. Some creators create lists of other creators as well as Unfiltrd admin profiles to exclude them from a mass dm campaign.

Go to More: Select Lists. 


from Lists select New List 


Name your list and select save. 


Once you have a new list, go to Messaging and select a user from your messages: Select the three dots in the upper right and select Add To List from the menu 


On the next screen, put a check mark in the box next to the list you want to add the user to and click save 



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